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St. John Properties

You’re probably used to yearly premium increases. They’re substantial, they add up fast and you’ve been conditioned by your broker and insurance companies to lay down and accept it. Can you imagine the cumulative effects after only a few years? What if we told you St. John Properties is spending less per employee now than they did in 2010 with a cumulative savings of over 4.6 million dollars since implementing our strategies.


Over $4.6 million dollars saved since 2010

Annual Savings

$51,579 (2012)
$353,203 (2013)
$430,996 (2014)
$478,965 (2015)
$696,651 (2016)
$590,050 (2017)
$884,889 (2018)
$1,085,417 (2019)
$1,270,018 (2020)

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