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NorthBay is forward-thinking in that their mission is to challenge youth to realize their impact on their future, the environment and the people around them. This next-generation attitude ultimately transcended into the healthcare that impacts their own lives. In 2010, NorthBay was headed for rocky waters in the form of a 9% insurance increase. Through Gary Becker’s consulting, they were navigated into a unique plan design that not only fits their lifestyle but has also yielded massive savings since day one. 


Over $3.6 million dollars saved since 2010

Annual Savings

$166,667 (2011)
$276,785 (2012)
$375,690 (2013)
$274,305 (2014)
$305,998 (2015)
$337,828 (2016)
$399,270 (2017)
$500,002 (2018)
$526,760 (2019)
$484,870 (2020)

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